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Tomra reports continued sales for its R1 reverse vending machine

In excess of 50 of the mixed-container RVMs have been installed in North America and Europe, says the Company.

According to Tomra Collection Solutions, more than 50 Tomra R1 reverse vending machines (RVMs) are operational in Norway, Finland, the United States, Sweden, and Estonia since the launch of the product.

The Norway-based division of Tomra Systems A/S says that the R1 will be “scaling to additional markets in the future” as the model positions itself differently in the market for its ability to let users feed it bags full of plastic beverage and mixed metal containers at a rate of speed not possible before.   

Finland became the latest market to welcome the R1 since the maiden launch of the product in Norway, the United States and Sweden in August of this year. The R1 debuted at the supermarket K-Citymarket Tammisto in the city of Vantaa, Finland.

“Customers adore it, and we definitely have customers visiting the store because of it- the machine is simply fantastic,” said Fredrik Hallenstvedt, a store manager at Meny Borreveien in Norway, a pilot location for one of the R1s. “Since installing the machine, we have experienced a staggering 200 percent growth in the volume of containers compared to the previous year’s. With a 24/7 operational window, this installation collected 28,000 drink containers in a single day of launch, says Tomra. This was a record haul for containers collected at a Tomra RVM.

Additional information about the R1 and its impact in its first year can be found on this web page


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