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Henkel Beauty Care’s Hair Coloration portfolio tubes go 100% recycled aluminum. 

Nairobi- Jan 3, 2021: You will soon see Henkel’s Beauty Care’s Hair Coloration packaging portfolio in 100 percent recycled aluminum tubes. This transition will allow Henkel to accelerate a closed-loop recycling system and reduce its operations’ environmental footprint. The conversion will affect the entire company’s Retail and Professional brands globally. At the moment, the hair coloration brand Diadem is among the first in the industry in the transition toward aluminum tubes made of 100 percent recycled aluminum, which the company supports.

A significant CO2 reduction per aluminum tube can be achieved because Recycled aluminum has up to 95 percent less lower energy demand than virgin aluminum. Secondly, Aluminum tubes are fully recyclable and widely recovered through existing waste management systems.

Philippe Blank, head of circular economy and packaging sustainability at Henkel Beauty Care says, “Aluminium can be recycled numerous times over without losing its mechanical properties and compromising its quality. With 75 percent of the aluminum ever produced on earth still in use over various applications, recyclability makes aluminum one of the greatest enablers for a circular economy.” 

A lot of emphases is being placed on plastics packaging. Although deservedly so, we are taking a holistic approach to packaging material innovation and sustainability. This shifting of our major portfolios to recycled aluminum material has demonstrated our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions.” Philippe added.

High demand and recycled aluminum

Even with its high global recycling rates, aluminum remains limited in supply due to its high demand across several industries, especially the beverages industry. For Henkel, aluminum tubes fulfill high-quality product protection standards and allow for easy-to-handle-application by professional hairstylists and consumers, making the recycled material ideal for the hair coloration category brands. The company says that consumer packaging is a short life cycle application hence switching to recycled aluminum is an essential step in reducing the overall footprint of such quick-rotating packaging items.

Henkel will integrate up to 95 percent recycled material from post-consumer aluminum in addition to the post-industrial recycled feedstock for the tubes. The company is collaborating with its packaging partners and exploring new ways to drive progress along the value chain. Also, Henkel will gradually switch to recycled plastic for the tubes’ plastic caps. 

Since 2014, Henkel has been pioneering developments within its industry by promoting the use of recycled aluminum in its packaging. Henkel’s introduction of the world’s first aerosol cans with a 25 percent recycled aluminum content for deodorant sprays under the Fa brand was the result of a joint development project with metal packaging supplier Ball.

Next sustainability moves

In the same spirit of circularity, Authentic Beauty Concept, Henkel’s salon haircare brand is establishing product refill stations in select hair salons across Europe. The move is dubbed a “first” for the segment and marks an essential step toward increasing the brand’s environmental sustainability.

Beyond that, Henkel is enhancing its Beauty Care portfolio’s environmental sustainability by relaunching three major retail brands – Gliss Kur, Nature Box and Syoss – in packaging with increased recycled plastic content.


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